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Configuring SMB - Canon - imageRUNNER C1325 - User's Guide

Server Message Block (SMB) is a protocol for sharing resources, such as files and printers, with more than one device in a network. The machine uses SMB to

Setting the Machine for Scan to File Server (SMB)

16 Dec 2011 To send documents to a file server, specifying address is required. As well as entering a file server address directly, you can specify the file

Samba Network Browsing - MIT

Network browsing is a concept that enables Windows and Samba servers to Note. The Domain Master Browser can be the same machine as the WINS server.

[Chapter 4] 4.4 Server Configuration

This configuration file is pretty simple; it advertises the Samba server on a NBT network under the NetBIOS name hydra . In addition, the machine belongs to the

SMB HOWTO: Accessing an SMB Share With Linux Machines

Linux (UNIX) machines can also browse and mount SMB shares. Note that this can be done whether the server is a Windows machine or a Samba server! An SMB client program for UNIX machines is included with /usr/bin/smbclient -L host

smbclient - Samba

smbclient is a client that can 'talk' to an SMB/CIFS server. . This parameter provides combined with -L easy parseable output that allows processing with Make queries to the external server using the machine account of the local server.

Setting a Shared Folder - Canon - imageRUNNER C1325 - User's

SMB/CIFS is a protocol for sharing resources, such as files and printers, with the Machine for Scanning to Shared Folders/File Servers > Setting a Shared