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BDU-50 - Dumb Bombs -

7 Jul 2011 BDU-50. Practice ordnance includes the BDU-50, a 500 lb. Air Force practice bomb. The BDU-50 bombs A new technique for the demilitarization and recycling of BDU-50 inert practice bombs involves using a All bombs and munitions dropped at trainin

Hill Air Force Base, Utah - DENIX

that time historical waste handling and disposal practices,. Background. Hill AFB . were seen as an inexpensive source of iron.The bombs needed to be crushed into a medium suitable for PRB use, The BDU-33, as it is known, is the standard aerial practice po

Disposal unit called in after practice bombs found at Bangkok

19 Mar 2019 A total of 103 non-explosive BDU-33 dumb – or practice – bombs were found at a construction site near Vajira Disposal unit, said a construction worker had come across some of the practice bombs while he was using a

Group works to change military's munitions disposal practices at Eglin

11 Dec 2018 Group works to change munitions disposal practices at Eglin and other military bases. Melissa Nelson Gabriel .. More: Mother of All Bombs used in Afghanistan was developed at Eglin. More: Panama City's Tyndall Air Force

bombs, fuzes, and associated components -

There are many fuzes in use by the Navy today. Some of the . doubt, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) .. The crushing of a convoluted steel tube absorbs the shock. .. BDU-48/B. The BDU-48/B is a 10-pound practice bomb (fig. 1-35). It is a thin-cased cylindri

Restoration officials recycle bombs, save money > U.S. Air Force

13 Jan 2011 Environmental restoration officials here are shredding their way through 50000 practice bombs. So far, they have recycled more than one million pounds of metal from the BDU 33 and Mark 106 bombs.The effort is part of the Air In this effort, restor

Bomb, 25 lb Practice, BDU-33A/B

The 25 pound practice bomb, BDU-33/B or BDU-33A/B has a tear-drop-shaped, cast, metal body with a hollow, round cavity lengthwise through the center of the bomb. The conical afterbody is roll-crimped into two grooves in the aft end of the

chapter 4 pyrotechnics - Navy BMR

Pyrotechnics, as used in the military, are items that produce a bright light for illumination or colored lights or smoke Identify the purpose of practice bomb signal cartridges. 7. Recognize . taped on the flare housing and marked for disposal.

An A-10 Accidentally Lost Three Practice Bombs After Bird Strike in

2 Jul 2019 Although the U.S. Air Force did not officially confirm the type of practice munition lost in the incident, they are likely the Air Force's standard BDU-33 training bomb. This small training bomb is commonly used on the A-10 and