Equipment Downtime Tracking

What is Downtime Tracking?

Equipment Downtime Tracking is one of the primary elements in calculating Overall Operating Effectiveness (OEE), which in turn measures the performance of any asset, production line or production machine.

Downtime is when any asset is not producing. The asset may be a machine, production cell, production unit or production line. There are many reasons and causes of downtime. In order to accurately determine the performance of YOUR assets, we can provide a comprehensive methodology for the classification of downtime. Our Equipment Downtime Tracking allows YOU to focus on those that will provide maximum impact on improving your OEE.

For example:

  • Types of downtime
    • planned
    • unplanned
  • Root cause of downtime
    • machine
    • cell
    • line
  • Source: process or equipment
    • pallet jam
    • motor overload
  • Reason:
    • Key reason (is this the primary reason that production is interrupted)
    • Initial reason (is this the initial reason that production was interrupted)
  • Source of data
    • manual entry by operator
    • auto generated, eg by PLC

OpMetriks supports all the above downtime scenarios to enable YOU to control and improve the OEE of your plant.